Coronet’s XT (X Trail Series) launched in 2013 has gained popularity over the years and in early 2018 has received a well-earned make over that ensures its reliability, structural integrity and robust design characteristics remain the heart and soul of this genuine off roader. Andrew Philips the Director of Coronet RV, advises that we had no intention of changing the overall structure of the XT2 when we went about a makeover to the XT2 Explorer Series. Andrew went further to say… The XT2 Series since its 2013 debut has been exceptional for Coronet as it gave us and our customers an opportunity to explore the outback confidently.

The XT2 Explorer uses 18mm Worthington CNC cut one piece veneer walls providing a structure that allows our designers to accommodate greater customisation than ever before. The walls are through bolted to the chassis flange and we only use screws (not staples) to all structural furniture and fixtures. The class leading G & S chassis with 150mm rails and Control Rider independent coil suspension , AL – KO equipped brakes including ESC, and 6 x stud 16” off road wheels and tyres ……look after the undercarriage admirably.

With 300w of Solar on the roof and twin 105Amp Century Brand AGM Batteries (Tandem axle models) included (Lithium Batteries available as an option) your “Off Grid” vocation is catered for. As for interior layouts we usually customize to suit your requirements or you can select from one our popular designs, its all part of the Coronet RV Experience. So what are you waiting for…..Coronet XT2 Explorer it has the runs on the board.

The images are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the actual model due to client customisation

A message from a happy customer…​

Thought I’d send you a couple of happy snaps. These were both taken on the Tanami Track (1000 klms of dirt between Alice Springs and Halls Creek). Thus far we’ve done the Oodnadatta Track and Tanami and tomorrow we leave Kununurra to head for the Gibb River Road.

I thought you and Andrew would be pleased to know that the van has done a great job so far. No internal or external problems, construction wise, so it has certainly been well built. The tyre pressures were dropped to 35psi off road and after each major stop I’d do a bolt/screw check just to make certain all remained tight. As Andrew and I have previously discussed, if you drive to the conditions and take some care there is no reason why a well built off-road van should not hold up on corrugations.

Regards, Wayne



Most models available in Caravan and Pop Top up to 5950. Notable changes relate to the Front and Tunnel boot arrangements.

XT2-4650-1-S – PLAN – CARAVAN

XT2-4650-2-S – PLAN – CARAVAN

XT2-5050-1-S – PLAN – CARAVAN

XT2-5050-2-S – PLAN – POP TOP

XT2-5200-5-S – PLAN – POP TOP

XT2-5350-1-T – PLAN – POP TOP

XT2-5350-2-T – PLAN – POP TOP

XT2-5650-4-T – PLAN – CARAVAN

XT2-5650-5-T – PLAN – POP TOP

XT2-5950-4-T – PLAN – CARAVAN

XT2-5950-5-T – PLAN – CARAVAN

XT2-5950-6-T – PLAN – CARAVAN

XT2-5950-10-T – PLAN – POP TOP

XT2-6700-5-T – PLAN – CARAVAN