Victorian Caravan Show at Melbourne Show Grounds Wed Feb 20 – 25 inclusive

An exciting new look Coronet RV Caravan will be showcased at the Victorian Caravan Show commencing Wednesday February 20 that is designed for couples that intend to move up from camper or tent trailers however have no desire to have all the bells and whistles, although want the essentials such as full en suite, queen island bed, two door fridge and an open floor plan with easy access to all amenities.

So what’s the catch?

Nothing specifically, although air conditioning is an option due to the fact that most camper and tent trailers are not equipped with these and due to the fully insulated foam filled walls it will be cooler than conventional timber frame construction. Other features of this Caravan include reduced wind drag due to the redesigned frontal area and deleting the front boot (Full cross tunnel boot is standard) provides additional usable interior space.

Some early comments received during the development stages with regards to the design include, radical, spacious, no longer claustrophobic, huge interior for its size, uncluttered and its good to see that Coronet RV have deleted some of the gimmicks that are really not required. Interesting feedback that truly reflect the new Coronet RV. Reducing some components certainly has another immediate advantage that may appeal to many, less tare weight to tow around.

See the all new Coronet RV at the Caravan Show plus all our other popular models in the Coronet RV Range.