The Coronet RV STR Range was developed from the successful FS3 that spearheaded the “On Road” evolution for the Brand in 2012. Available in pop top and full height Caravan the STR uses the G & S chassis and AL – KO running gear that offers variable road heights (overlay or straight axles) to suit the vocation. Whilst the leaf spring suspension is standard other suspension options are available. Like all Coronet RV’s the STR is available with popular floor plans or customised to suit your specific needs. We also provide lower profile, narrower width versions and folding A frames to suit storage solutions as required.

The STR incorporates the Worthington CNC 18mm one piece veneer wall mounted with traditional aluminium cladding as standard supply or with a seamless glass fibre flat exterior composite as an option. Either way the structural integrity of the Van’s body is superior to most other fabrications. The use of innovative electronics such as the SETEC BM Pro smart charger with resettable fuses and Trek telemetry display look after the 12v supply and incoming charge from the 150w solar panel, tow vehicles alternator or 240v mains power to keep the on board AGM battery charged.

Safety is taken seriously with AL – KO Electronic Stability Control , Brake Safe breakaway, LED Trailer lighting and a high mounted rear stop light all standard. On board 240v mains power is routed internally using interlink “plug and play” power points.

Standard appliances include the Swift 27 Litre hot water service that is also feed into the Swift 12v fan heat exchanger heater to keep the Van warm when off mains power. Swift cook top with 3 x gas and one 240v mains power elements with grill (oven option) take care of the cooking. 240v mains power heat and cool air conditioning and a two door 184 Litre Gas / Electric Thetford Fridge completes the package.

2 x 9 Kg gas bottles, 2 x 95 Litre fresh water tanks and 1 x 100L grey water tank are standard supply and the Thetford China bowl toilet has its own inbuilt black tank.

The Coronet RV STR Range has a huge list of standard appointments and whilst some are listed here, check out the on line sales brochure for more information. With a 5 year limited warranty on the Vans construction and 12 – 24 months on the chassis and appliances (save for wear and tear) you will find the STR will deliver.

The STR (Super Touring Range) is designed for comfortable “ On Road ” black top touring with maintained ( graded ) gravel roads included. All Models include a full en suite bathroom or combination unit and bed configurations and sizes to suit.

With decades of experience behind us we have the floor plan to suit your next journey.


Pop Top Models


Most models available in Caravan and Pop Top up to 5950. Notable changes relate to the Front and Tunnel boot arrangements.

STR-5050-1-S – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5200-5-S – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5200-6-S – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5650-4-T – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5650-6-T – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5950-3-T – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5950-4-T – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5950-5-T – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5950-6-T – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5950-7-T – PLAN – POP TOP

STR-5950-8-T – PLAN – POP TOP