Pop Tops remain a popular choice

Pop Tops or low height Caravans remain a popular choice for many recreational vehicle users and this is expected to continue.

Their popularity can be attributed to a number of reasons, however many owners state that owing a Pop Top has significant benefits over and above a full height Caravan. Examples include, safer towing due to a lower profile, 10% decrease in fuel consumption, can store under a carport or average size garage, and less claustrophobic for people who may suffer this condition.

Other advantages include more ventilation in hot climates , easy to clean the exterior, and the overall compactness when compared with a full height Caravan.

We also offer narrower and special lower height Pop Tops to suit limited storage space so talk to us about your specific needs.

If length is an issue try our lift up A frame that saves around 900mm when raised to 90 degrees.

Whatever the reason Pop Tops remain a popular choice and Coronet RV continues to manufacture on and off road versions to a design that suits your purpose.