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  • Does Coronet RV offer a warranty?
    Coronet RV offer a 2 year limited warranty on the structural integrity of the body that also includes the materials used in this process. All other components, such as white goods etc, are covered by the supplier. In general most suppliers offer either a 12 or 24 month warranty. Please contact the supplier directly to begin their warranty process.
  • How long does it take to build a Van?
    Once an order is placed by the dealer, please allow 6 months for completion of your new Coronet RV Caravan. Your dealer will be able to provide you with periodic updates throughout the process.
  • Why aren’t weights listed for each Model?
    Coronet RV as a company procuce vans of varying weights. To place this into perspective, by adding more batteries and water tanks can add an additional 200kgs to a specific model. Variances also occur between pop top and full height vans. Conversely reducing specific components will reduce the tare or dry weight.
  • Will Coronet RV provide weight estimates?
    Our dealerships are stocked with various models that have their weights listed. These can be used as a guide for completed models. Our sales team can give you estimates of the weights of extras offered to each of the models.
  • Does Coronet RV build Display Units?
    Yes, dealerships have a large and varying display of the Coronet RV product range.
  • What systems are in place to ensure accuracy in the build process?
    Coronet RV uses an auto cad system to provide manufacturing plans for each van constructed. We are also meticulous during our 120 point QA check off which is completed when a caravan is delivered from manufacturer to dealer.
  • Does Coronet RV use timber frames?
    Yes, Coronet RV use a meranti frame on all of our caravans. The exterior wall can be finished with Aluminium High Profile Cladding or Alicom in varying colours.
  • Does Coronet RV use piano hinge to the interior cupboard doors?
    Yes, we use a piano hinge to all swinging doors in conjunction with high quality gas struts.
  • How do Coronet RV set up their trailer wiring harness?
    The 12v trailer wiring harness on a Coronet caravan consists of a 12 pin plug, Grey Anderson for charging and Red Anderson plug when ESC is fitted. Your Coronet RV dealer can supply you with the wiring diagram suited to your new Coronet RV.
  • Does Coronet RV Use LED Lighting?
    Yes Coronet RV provide LED lighting to both the interior and exterior of your Coronet caravan.
  • What heating and cooling systems are used in Coronet RV models?
    On our Pop Top range we offer a ducted heating and cooling system, typically fitted underneath the bed. On our Caravan range we offer a high quality, low lying air conditioner. 12v cooling vans are provided on all models. For an extended stay without 240v power, Coronet RV offer 12v gas or diesel ducted heating systems as an option.
  • Where is the Air Conditioning located on a Pop Top Van?
    We use a Ducted Air conditioning system that is located either in the Tunnel Boot or under the Bed. It is very quiet and provides 2 x outlets. We do not provide roof-top air conditioners for our Pop Top range as it will interfere with clearance heights.
  • What on-board power supplies are used in Coronet RV’s?
    Coronet RV provides one 105a/h battery chassis mounted on our caravans and fitted under the bed in our pop tops. Their is an option to upgrade the amount of batteries, type of battery and their location. Each Coronet RV model is supplied with a 170w solar panel with large regulator as standard. This can also be upgraded. Lithium systems are available.
  • Does Coronet RV Fit Lithium batteries?
    Lithium batteries and compatible charging systems are available as an option and should be considered if weight is an issue. Please discuss with your Coronet RV dealer.
  • Does Coronet RV use a one piece vinyl floor?
    Yes, its laid as one complete section and glued to the sub floor. We have varying colouring/pattern options available.
  • Why is Coronet RV's pop top range award winning and industry reknowned?
    We offer the largest pop top caravan in Australia at up to 19"6'. Our exclusive assisted lift bathroom wall with solid door gives you the privacy and comfort of a fully enclosed and complete caravan bathroom. The shower cubicle comes with a swinging glass door as standard. This eliminates the use of a more traditional shower curtain in favour of a robust set up helping you feel at home, wherever you are. We offer excellent headroom and spaciousness while still retaining much of the overhead cabinetry and storage often only seen in a standard caravan floorplan. We can custom design with different lounge, bedroom and kitchen layouts.
  • Do Coronet RV offer semi off-road caravans?
    Yes, our entire range is semi off-road as standard. By providing a 6 inch chassis, independent suspension on single axles (not pop top), rocca-rolla leaf spring suspension on tandem axles, all terrain tyres, chassis raisers, high profile cladding, chequer plate protection all round and up to 200L in fresh water and 100L in grey water capacity - you'll be comfortable while enjoying your favourite free camping destination.
  • Do Coronet RV offer off-road caravans?
    Coronet RV offer the XTP Option to our range. This pack includes a range of upgrades that make our caravans suitable for limited off-road touring. Keep an eye out for XTP brochure release coming soon.
  • How far off-road can I go in my Coronet RV?
    You can go as far as you want! But there are a few no-no's. Certainly no river crossing or extreme four wheel driving. As the term "off-road" has a very different meaning from one customer to then next - please have a conversation with your dealer to hear a few examples of what you can and can't do.
  • Who owns Coronet RV?
    Coronet RV is Australian owned and operated. Our caravans are manufactured in Campbellfield and proudly sold throughout Australia.
  • Does Coronet RV attend Caravan Shows?
    Yes, Coronet RV attend caravan shows around Australia in regional and metro areas. Keep an eye out for updates of our next show on our website and socials.
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