Coronet RV customisation addresses shortfall in the RV Industry

With many 2nd and 3rd Caravan/ Pop Top buyers looking to add their own ideas into the interior floor plan, chassis, exterior appearance and so on, Coronet RV continues to provide customisation like never before. With so many options available for RVs today, Coronet RV can tailor a Caravan or Pop Top to suit your specific needs. We support this by producing Auto Cad designs that are used throughout the construction process and unlike many RV manufacturers we do employee fully indentured trades personal, including cabinet makers and construction builders. Being a boutique RV manufacturer we have the expertise to design and construct your ideas and bring to life your dream RV. If you have a wish list bring it along to Coronet RV or our Dealer Caravan Country to view and quote. You will be surprised to find it doesn’t cost anymore to enjoy the benefits of an RV you had a hand in!