Coronet RV’s Mission

Coronet Caravans Pty Ltd aims to provide a superior range of recreational vehicles and services to its customers that ensures their investment is an enjoyable life long experience.To achieve this Coronet Caravans Pty Ltd has secured a modern and technically advanced manufacturing facility surrounded by a passionate workforce that strives to deliver quality outcomes for its Customers.

Coronet Caravans has a close relationship with its suppliers and this provides flexibility throughout the construction phase allowing subtle changes and personal touches, required and admired by our Customers. We are also mindful of the Environmental impact associated with our manufacturing processes and our customers can be assured that measurers are in place to divert rain water from our roof into water tanks, that skylights reduce our dependence on 240v lighting and strict waste control programs improve our recycling process.

Our commitment is your guarantee that investing in an Australian manufactured Coronet RV is much more than the initial purchase; it’s just the beginning to a prosperous partnership.