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About Us

Coronet RV’s MissioN

Coronet RV aims to provide a superior range of recreational vehicles and services to its customers that ensures their investment is an enjoyable life long experience.To achieve this Coronet RV has secured a modern and technically advanced manufacturing facility surrounded by a passionate workforce that strives to deliver quality outcomes for its Customers.

Coronet RV has a close relationship with its suppliers and this provides flexibility throughout the construction phase allowing subtle changes and personal touches, required and admired by our Customers. We are also mindful of the Environmental impact associated with the manufacturing process. 

Our commitment is your guarantee that investing in an Australian Built Coronet RV product is much more than the initial purchase; it’s just the beginning to a prosperous partnership.

Our HISTORY and our future

Mr Ian Farren founded Coronet Caravans in Ballarat in 1959 and through his vision a very successful Brand was formed that continued throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Coronet Caravans thrived on innovation and in the early years produced Bondwood clad Caravans moving into silver aluminium and thereafter white aluminium cladding that became Industry standard. Coronet Caravans grew to become one of the largest manufactures of Caravans in Australia during this period. There are many of the earlier vans still in use and some specific examples restored by enthusiasts looking to showcase their masterpieces at events and rallies throughout the nation.

Then under the ownership of Mr Andrew Phillips, Coronet Caravans Pty Ltd (Coronet RV) continued the tradition with a range of Caravans to suit most markets manufacturing from Bayswater Victoria. If there is one distinctive difference between the Coronet Caravan business of yesteryear and today it is that the business today is firmly focused on seamless production technology (SPT) enabling substantial flexibility of the specification to suit the Customer.

Coronet Caravans today has a range of standard layouts to suit most requirements; however has the ability to custom design for those looking for something unique. With the expertise and ability to offer this flexibility Coronet has expanded the model range to include over 50 individual internal layouts for both on and off road enthusiasts.

As of January 2021 manufacturing has moved to Campbellfield under new ownership and will continue to expand the configurations and combinations, introduce more technically advanced production methods and seek global supply of innovative tooling and components. Our successful move into niche design will grow and provide our customers with a personalised touch to suit their specific lifestyle or journey.

If you thought our past was pretty special, our future is very exciting indeed!

Coronet manufacturing in Ballarat Victoria. Circa early 1960’s

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